5 Questions with Jay Carter - Father of the Slowed Rotor Compound Aircraft

Jay Carter

Carter Aviation Technologies, LLC

Jay Carter, Jr. has a family history of technical innovation. The Smithsonian Institution recognized his grandfather as one of the 25 most influential oil pioneers in the early 1900s, and his father as “The Father of the Filament Winding Industry” – he even built the final stage rocket case for the first U.S. satellite put into orbit. Jay's first job out of college in 1968 was to work for Bell Helicopters in the R&D department on the rotor of their second tiltrotor aircraft, the XV-15, the Model 300 proprotor blade, and the D 212 thin tip extended chord blade. In 1970, Jay founded Jay Carter Enterprises with his father and developed a steam powered automobile. It was the first car in the world to meet the original 1976 EPA emission level standards. In 1976, Mr. Carter founded Carter Wind Systems and spent the next seventeen years installing wind turbines in India, France, the UK, the USA (including Hawaii), and 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Canada. In 1994, Jay Carter, Jr. started on the design of a 5-place personal aircraft for his wife, 3 kids and himself. It took 11 years, but in 2005 he established a world record for the first slowed rotor compound aircraft to achieve a Mu greater than 1.